What is Endurance Riding?

For those who love to experience different adventures with horses, then they may want to consider endurance riding. This is only for those who are prepared to enjoy some long distance riding.

Two Types of Endurance Riding

Once individuals begin to show an interest in endurance riding, they soon learn that this is a competitive sport. The two main types of endurance riding are:

  • Competitive Trail Riding: Riders participating in this particular category will be involved in rides which can vary from one day to three days. The average distance can be between 15 to 40 miles a day. Part of the consideration that may make up part of the competition is horsemanship. The focus is put on the relationship between the rider and the horse.
  • Endurance Riding: The competitive part of this, is simply the winning horse which crosses the finish line before the other competitors do. To protect the animal from too much stress, they are periodically checked by a veterinarian along the route. The distance and type of terrain the horse and rider will be faced with can vary. Ranges can be between 50 to 100 miles.

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