Horses in Dressage

Out of all the different sports which horses can be utilised in, one of the most exciting is dressage. This is an equestrian activity that is as much enjoyed by spectators as it is by those who participate in it.

Many Resources

For those who wish to become part of dressage, there are many different resources which can be easily accessed. This ranges from magazines dedicated to this segment of horse riding to multiple sites on the internet. Then, added to this are other resources such as clubs and organisations.

What is Dressage?

To truly understand what dressage is, knowing the meaning of the word will help. It merely means training as a French term. Horses are trained to present many different skills which are then displayed in shows and exhibitions.

In the world of horses, dressage refers to the highest level which the animal can be trained. However, all the responsibility does not lie on the horse. Riders also have to go through rigorous training to be able to get the horse to perform. The better the rider is at this typically, the better the horse is at it.

Best Horses for Dressage

Although any horse can be trained, part of the skills in dressage heavily rely on agility. The horses which best fit this description are the warm-blooded horses. There are several varieties of these, but horses that are classed as cold-blooded, such as the heavy draft horses, do not qualify for dressage.

The Commitment

The commitment is on behalf of both horse and rider. Most horses are willing to be trained, but how well they do is going to depend on the commitment of the rider. The rider not only has to train the horse but develop their skills. Some riders rely on professionals to train their mounts.

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