Working Horses in the UK

Horses throughout the world are used for many different purposes, just as they are in the UK. Here, they are still used a great deal as working horses.

Common Tasks for Workhorses

One may think that with all the technology available today, the workhorse would have no place in the industry. Contrary to this, they still do and are considered to be the most valuable resource according to the type of work they are performing. Some of the areas of work they perform are:

  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Forestry work
  • Farming

Working Horse Stature

For horses to be able to do the different types of work which may be required of them, they must be what is known as the heavy breeds which fall into a classification of their own. Some examples are:

  • The Shire: This breed has held records for being the largest and the tallest.
  • The Clydesdales: This horse falls into the draft breed of horse, originating from Clydesdale county in Scotland.
  • The Suffolk: Sometimes called the Suffolk Punch, because it has excellent strength and a solid looking appearance.
  • The Percheron: This breed of horse originated in the Western part of France, and is popular in the UK.
  • Continental Ardennes: This breeds origins spread across Belgium, as well as Luxembourg, along with France. It belongs to the draft breed and is known to be one of the oldest.
  • Irish Draught: Ireland is very proud of this horse and has made it the country‚Äôs national breed.
  • Fell and Dales Ponies: Although these horses do not fall under the classification of the heavy horse, they are well noted for their ability to be used as a plough horse.

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