The Enjoyment of Horseball

Some individuals enjoy horseback riding just for the pure pleasure of it. Others like to participate in a variety of equestrian sports or games, such as horseball.

What is Horseball?

It is like a mix of three other sports which are polo, basketball and rugby, except it is performed with horse and rider. It is a very popular activity in the UK and is recognised as a sport according to the International Federation of Equestrian Sports. There are several organisations which support the competition, which makes it all the more meaningful.

Concept of the Sport

Riders have the responsibility of shooting a ball through a hoop all the while being on horseback. This requires multiple skills, including keeping control and giving proper commands to the horse.


As a recognised sport there are several competitions which horse and rider can compete in. Not only regional but on a national level. Some of the more well-known competitions are:

  • The World Championship
  • The European Championship
  • FIHB Champions League

Every one of these is impressive and exciting. It is competitions like this which encourage young people to seriously consider many of the different types of equestrian sports.

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