What is Reining?

When most people wonder about equestrian sports in the UK, some may not be thinking about reining, as this is a western riding sport. It is quite popular in the UK and is one of the many exciting horse riding events that the country is so well known for.

What is Reining?

Reining is all about showing the rider’s control of the horse and how well the animal responds. The rider has to be able to get the horse to go through a series of events. The transitions between each manoeuvre must be done as seamlessly as possible if the horse wants to place well in a competition. These events are a collection of circles, along with some spins and quick stops. All of which are done in a sequence which must be practised diligently by both horse and rider.

On the Lope

What makes reining even more exciting is that it is done while the horse is on the lope. Not only do the execution of techniques count, but so does the time which they are completed in.


Many competitions are held in the UK for this equestrian sport, and these are what draw the attention of new participants.

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