The second largest spectator sport in Great Britain is horse racing, dating back many centuries.
Racecourses in the UK
There are several racecourses t

When most people wonder about equestrian sports in the UK, some may not be thinking about reining, as this is a western riding sport. It is quite popu

Some individuals enjoy horseback riding just for the pure pleasure of it. Others like to participate in a variety of equestrian sports or games, such

One of the most majestic animals to exist is the horse. It is also a favourite animal of many, as they have been domesticated for various different purposes. The Therapeutic Advantages of Horses There are many different opportunities whereby people have to be able to take control of their health. One example is by, Read More

Out of all the different sports which horses can be utilised in, one of the most exciting is dressage. This is an equestrian activity that is as much

For those who love to experience different adventures with horses, then they may want to consider endurance riding. This is only for those who are pre