Different Horse Breeds

There are many different breeds of horses. Some are bred for specific purposes, while others are reared as pets. There are many shapes, sizes and colours of horses. As with any other animal, the temperament of horses can vary from one breed to another or even within a breed.

Thoroughbred Horses

Thoroughbred horses are a very popular breed of animal. The thoroughbred is of Arabian ancestry and is a very pure breed. Thoroughbreds are one of the most popular well-known breeds worldwide.

Thoroughbred horses are primarily bred for racing, which makes them ideal for the equestrian world. The thoroughbred breed can run extended distances at high speed, proving its endurance and agility.

American Paint Horse

As thoroughbreds were bred with quarter horses, the American Paint Horse evolved. The noticeable colouration of the Paint Horse is white and dark, in patterns which are not uniform. Therefore, there are no two identical Paint Horses anywhere. American Paint horses can be trained for trail riding, jumping, and talent shows, as they are very intelligent and learn quickly.

Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest breeds, having a long tail and distinct height. The Arabian Peninsula desert tribes originated this breed. George Washington, Alexander the Great and Napoleon were historical figures who were known to ride Arabian horses.

Morgan Horse

Morgan horses are very gentle natured. The Morgan is a great breed for beginner and intermediate level riders. Morgan horses are known to be working horses as far back as the Civil War, as they were used as cavalry mounts and artillery horses. They could journey all day.

Miniature Horse

As the Miniature horse only grows to a height of 34 inches, they make a great pet. They can also be used as service animals, as they are much the same size as a large dog.

Appaloosa Horse

Appaloosa horses can be identified by a very distinctive spotted coat pattern. This breed is one of the most beautiful and is often used in movies and television. They can be used for Western and English riding and also compete in trail riding and endurance tournaments.

Andalusian Horse

The Andalusian horse goes back to the 16th century. It is a purebred Spanish horse. The ancient Romans and Greeks thought of the Andalusian breed as a supreme horse.

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is commonly known as a racehorse. This breed is very docile and has become to be known as the official state horse in Texas during the cowboy era.

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