Enjoying a Horse Riding Holiday

At one time the ideal holiday was heading off to a sunny location and just relaxing on the beach and enjoying all that it had to offer. Now the trend is to seek out holidays that have a little more adventure to them. With this new approach to vacationing, it creates an opportunity to seek out other destinations. Ones that offer a variety of different activities with one that is growing in popularity is a horse riding holiday.

Popular Destinations

Once the decision has been made to go on the horse riding holiday, it means doing some research for the best offerings. In the UK, there are several locations that many find to be ideal, as listed below:

  • Suffolk Beach Riding

For those who want to have a combination holiday where they can enjoy the beach settings, then a ride on the beaches of Suffolk fits the need. Riding along the beaches here is an activity that has been ongoing for many years. It fact it dates back to the Victorian era. Both new and experienced riders have taken great joy in this riding event.

  • The English Lake District

For a change of scene while still enjoying the thrill of the horseback riding there is the opportunity to ride in the English Lake District. The scenery is fantastic, and the experience is most refreshing. This is a ride that the entire family can participate in as there are programs that include both the adults and the children. For those who want a longer ride, such as, an experienced rider, there are options for this as well.

  • Spa and Ride – Brecon Beacons

Here there are some great options for different types of accommodation to be enjoyed when not out enjoying a ride. There is a choice of a B&B or a country house that includes a relaxing spa. This is the place to spend a holiday where one wants both excitement and relaxation without having to go far to enjoy both.

  • Sherwood Forest

For those who enjoy nature at its best then it means spending a horse riding vacation that includes a riding trip through Sherwood Forest. It is a combination of excitement and awe as one gets to enjoy this natural setting. One never knows they just might catch a glimpse of Robin Hood or Maid Marian as they are enjoying the same horseback riding activities.

These are just a few examples of what a horse riding holiday can consist of. This type of vacation is most rewarding in several ways. It can also be a more affordable type of option.

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