Jockeys and Augmentation

There are undoubtedly numerous reasons why someone would choose to become a jockey. Horse racing is an exceptionally popular sport. It is practised around the world and has a rich history that actually predates the written word. Jockeys have a strong bond with their horse to the point where racing becomes more like a way of life than just a hobby.

In recent years more women have taken up the sport. There has been an increase in the opportunities available to female racers on a professional level. Alternatively, they may decide to ride the horse more for leisure. Either way, these people might be interested in augmentation. They will naturally be concerned about whether implants can negatively affect their riding ability.

It is fair to say that implants were of much lower quality in the past. There were horror stories about patients suffering from long term pain, as well as issues with their mobility. Luckily, modern augmentation is far more advanced. If the jockey chooses Motiva as their implant provider, they can be assured of a professional service. It is essential to opt for the best company so that the person can rely on them.

Reasons for Reluctance

Breast augmentation is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their overall look. This can include jockeys. Despite the numerous benefits, it is understandable why some women would feel some reluctance about this type of surgery. They may have concerns about the safety of augmentation procedures. Horse riding involves a fair amount of jolting. Jockeys may worry that the implants could be affected by sudden movements from the horse. However, these worries are unfounded.

Feeling Comfort While Riding

If the implants end up hurting while out riding, then it can ruin the enjoyment of the sport. For this reason, it is crucial to choose modern ones that focus on the well-being of the patient. Some races are high-speed and involve an intense amount of physical exercise. Others are more laid back but take longer to complete. Whichever one the jockey favours, they need an implant that feels very comfortable.

Discussions With Professionals

If the horse owner continues to feel a certain amount of reluctance, then they can discuss these issues with their implant provider. When people sign up for Motiva, they gain access to some expert medical advice. The surgeons are able to put their patient’s fears to rest. Jockeys will have a better understanding of the benefits of augmentation. More importantly, they can come up with a bespoke action plan to improve their appearance.

Long Term Implications

Companies such as Motiva also offer implant registration. This helps to ensure that the implants provide greater longevity. When starting an augmentation journey, it is a wise idea to consider any long term implications. For example, the implants should remain comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. The good news is that Motiva provides the most cutting edge ones available on the market. Jockeys can enjoy them without having their horse rides hindered.

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